Our new web site is now being redeveloped to reflect the new product and services we will offer businesses beginning in the Fall of 2014.


HCT will develop a NEW, State-of-the-art Training and Evaluation System ideally suited for any business or corporation involved in training and/or retraining employees.


ATTENTION NON-PROFIT TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS!  If you work with an organization that maintains a membership and holds periodic training conferences, the new HCT Core Competency Testing System will be an outstanding solution to manage, test and evaluate the effectiveness of each training course and help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the training provided.

Watch for the roll-out in the Fall of 2014



Training Based on Defined Core Competencies

Often, training programs are based on what the trainer knows and like to teach, but can miss key competencies required to assure the most effective and consistent training possible.  The HCT Core Competency Testing System will help you build consistent and effective training resources around the Core Competencies identified by your organization.  It helps the trainer focus on what is most important while avoiding points that totally miss their mark.  The system allows for unlimited Training Topics and Core Competencies under each topic.  As the training requirements change over time, new Core Competencies can be added and others disregarded so the information in the system is always current and easy for management to evaluate and improve.

Custom Test Development

Each Core Competency will allow  you to associate any number of multiple choice questions and prepare Custom Test forms to use as part of the training session as well as for Certification that a person has completed the required course or courses to a satisfactory level.

New questions can be added at any time and the test forms easily updated with any changes you wish.  And the BEST PART: all tests are scored online for one low price, so you may use as many tests, quizzes, and certification exams as you need without incurring any additional cost.

NOTE: Until Product Release, All Buttons on this Page have been Disabled Intentionally.

Please check back in the Fall of 2014 for additional information.